Our firm, apart from upholding and providing the highest standards in customer service, is committed to advancing and refining our methods at the behest of our valued clientele. Telar’s R&D department excels at staying well informed of the industry’s latest trends and technological breakthroughs, thus maximizing the number of options available to you. We utilize comprehensive theoretical and analytical studies to attain cost-effective and innovative solutions. R&D routinely collaborates with universities and research centers in both the public and private sectors to further bolster our capabilities in the field.  Telar benefits from the cooperation of government sanctioned programs such as NSERC, IRAP and SR&ED.  

     Our high profile team consists of Ph.D. educated professionals with extensive experience in both engineering and research. Through their combined efforts we believe that our firm will always have a hand in contributing new and creative ideas to the world of architecture and construction.  At Telar we challenge ourselves to be at the vanguard of the industry.  Our R&D department works hard to ensure that we are up to the challenge, for the betterment of our company, and the satisfaction of our clients. 
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