Structural Engineering 

     At Telar we have assembled a team of engineers who operate at the forefront of their profession.  Armed with experience, innovation and the latest in cutting-edge technology, we are confident in our abilities to find solutions to engineering’s most challenging design parameters.

Structural Inspection and Assessment

  • Structural assessment of  residential, commercial and  industrial buildings
  • Assessment of existing building structures (Modification, Evaluation, Reinforcement)
  • Evaluation of  foundation and concrete slab
  • Technical and legal expertise
  • Damaged building assessment
  • Assessment of  masonry veneers
Structural Engineering Professional Services
  • Assessment, approval and technical report by engineer member of professional orders
  • Professional consulting
  • Structural pre-engineering and Product and technology approval 
Residential Engineering
  • Analysis, design, and structural plans preparation.
  • Site inspections, building expertise.
  • Engineering letters, permits and reports.
  • Structural modifications.
  • Foundations engineering.
  • Load-bearing and retaining walls engineering.
  • Engineering review.
  • Interior structure alterations.

 Structural Engineering of New Constructions
  • Analysis and design of high and low-rise structures. 
  • Residential, commercial, industrial, institutional buildings.
  • Reinforced concrete, masonry, aluminum, steel Structures.
  • Cold-framed steel, composite, timber, ice and glass structures.
  • Post and pre-stressed concrete.
  • Curtain wall and structural glass engineering.
  • Seismic upgrading.
Structural Restoration and Additions

  • Repair of parking facilities.
  • Repair of industrial deterioration.
  • Heritage restorations.
  • Expansion and modification of an existing structures.
Our services
  • Project feasibility.  
  • Structural analysis.
  • Structural Design.
  • Administration of contract.
  • Site inspections.
  • Construction management.

Contact us
Montreal:   (514) 880 -1592

Our recent projects
  • Addition to a residential Building, Montreal, QC
  • Railing system engineering, Tour des Canadiens, 50 Stories, Montreal
  • Condo structural assessement, Montreal, QC
  • 196 units Residential buildings, QC
  • Structural inspection of a house, Sorel Tracy, QC
  • 80 units Residential project Villa Soleil, LaTuque, QC
  • Residential Building Harrisson, Mississauga, ON
  • Residential Buckstown Trial, Caledon, ON
  • Structural engineering of Hydro-electric chamber, Toronto, ON
  • Structural evaluation of a industrial building, Ambassador Toronto, ON
  • Waterproof foundation of a residential fuilding, Laval, QC 
  • Extpansion of a residential building, Laval, QC
  • Presse-Café, Metro Cartier, Laval, QC
  • Structural modification and reinforcement Green Ville Manor, Toronto, ON
  • Structural evaluation, l'Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, Montreal, QC
  • Structural evaluation of an industrial building, Sheorewoode Drive, ON
  • Structual modification and reinforcement of a residential building, Lasalle, QC
  • Gard-rail systeme structural evaluation of  14 storeys building,Cité Nature,QC
  • Structural assessement of a Zinc pool foundation of a industrial building Locweld, Candiac,QC
  • Structual modification of a residential building, Toronto, ON