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Telar Engineering

 At Telar, we are dedicated to advancing the field of building structural engineering and inspection services throughout Quebec, Canada. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of structures in the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, including specialized constructions. Our proficient team , with more than 25 years experience, is equipped to handle various materials, including wood, steel, and concrete, ensuring versatile and comprehensive engineering solutions.

Our Core Services:

Structural Engineering: We provide top-tier engineering services, tailored to meet the unique demands of each project, regardless of its scale or complexity.
Building Structure Inspection: Our thorough inspection services are designed to ensure the safety and longevity of structures, backed by our extensive technical knowledge and experience.

Serving a Diverse Clientele:

Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has enabled us to serve a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Individuals seeking personalized engineering solutions

  • Real estate brokers in need of reliable structural assessments

  • Insurance companies requiring detailed inspections and evaluations

  • Real estate developers looking for expert engineering consultancy

  • Legal professionals seeking technical advice in construction-related cases

  • Municipalities and cities focusing on public safety and compliance

  • Condominium syndicates in need of structural integrity assessments

  • Construction contractors requiring expert engineering guidance

  • Building inspectors looking for professional collaboration

  • At Telar, we are proud to contribute to the structural integrity and safety of Quebec's built environment, consistently exceeding our clients' expectations with our expertise and dedication​​​​​​.

We would like to kindly remind you that our company specializes in consulting services and we are not contractors. While we are committed to providing top-notch consulting for your projects, the actual construction work will need to be undertaken by a licensed contractor.

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Our Services

Wood, steel, concrete structures engineerins

Structural Engineering

Structural Inspection, Technico-Legal Expertise,

Building Structure Inspection

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Our Clients




Real estate brokers

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Real estate developers





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Condominiums syndicate


Construction contractors


Building inspectors

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