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Building Structural Engineering

Welcome To Telar

Telar specializes in providing building structural engineering and inspection services in Quebec, Canada. Our fields of expertise include residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and special structures. Our consulting and engineering services include all types of structures, including wood, steel and concrete, among others.

We would like to kindly remind you that our company specializes in consulting services and we are not contractors. While we are committed to providing top-notch consulting for your projects, the actual construction work will need to be undertaken by a licensed contractor.

Structural Engineering Condo Project
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Structural Engineering​

  • Consultation and structural feasibility studies

  • Analysis, modeling and structural design of foundations and structures

  • Seismic analysis

  • Development of structural plans and specifications for permits and construction

  • Residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings

  • Concrete, steel, wood and composite structures.

  • New constructions, renovations, transformations, modifications and extensions

  • Supervision and certification of works

Inspection and Expertise of Building Structures

All our services are carried out by an engineer member of the Ordre des Ingénieur du Québec (OIQ).

New construction, renovation, transformation, and structural modification

Structural analysis and preparation of structural plans and specifications issued for permits and construction :

  • New Constructions

  • Foundation (floating slab, Hydrofuge foundation, traditional foundation, foundation with insulating formwork, etc.)

  • Adding a floor or a mezzanine to an existing building

  • Building a terrace on an existing roof

  • Extension of an existing building

  • Removing a supporting wall or making an opening in the foundation wall or exterior walls

  • Transformation of a crawl space or basement & digging and expansion of basement

  • Plans for temporary shoring

Ingéniuer en strcuture de bois nouvelle construction ou extension
Renforcement et modification structurales résidentiels

Reinforcement, repair, and stabilization of structures

Inspection, structural analysis and development of plans for permits and construction:


  • Reinforcement and stabilization of the structure in a crawl space or basement

  • Plans for the stabilization of the building via piling

  • Repair, consolidation or reconstruction of cracked or deteriorated foundations or cracked concrete slabs

  • Reinforcement of  the structural elements of a building such as the beams, columns, foundation or the roof structure

  • Reinforcement or reconstruction of balconies, terraces or verandas

  • Repairing, reinforcing or stabilizing of masonry walls

Inspection and Technical Expertise

  • Structural and building inspection and preparation of technical reports

  • Pre-purchase structural inspection

  • Structural assessment of  potential disorders in a building

  • Inspection of cracked, deteriorated or unstable foundation

  • Inspection of structural deficiencies or settlement in a crawl space

  • Inspection of water infiltration in the basement

  • Inspection of instability and/or foundation movement 

  • Roof structure inspection

  • Emergency inspection

  • Technico-legal expertise for hidden defect or construction defect

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